Small Furries

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, and rats are very popular smaller pets, it is extremely important they are looked after properly to ensure they lead a long healthy and fulfilling life. Each species have their own very specific dietary requirements and health requirements.

While your small furry pet may not need vaccinations annually (except for Rabbits) they will still benefit from Annual or Six Monthly health check-ups. If you spot any unusual behaviours, lumps or bumps, inability to eat or a reduced appetite you should get in touch with your vet for advice.

Do some research into what a healthy balanced diet is for your species of pet. Diet is very important for oral health as they need the correct nutrition to look after their teeth.

Boredom may lead to self-mutilation and health issues so ensure your pet receives plenty of human interaction, toys to play with and obstacles to run/jump/hide or climb on.

Getting your small furry used to being handled makes life easier for you during cage/hutch cleaning and for the Vet during examinations, it also reduces the stress on your pet during these times.

Keep their environment clean, well ventilated warm and safe from predators. Remove soiled bedding and droppings daily. Once per month remove everything from the hutch or cage and clean with warm soapy water or a suitable pet safe disinfectant.

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