Our Facilities

We aim to provide you with friendly, personal attention complimented by the very latest diagnostic facilities and the most up to date medical and surgical care.


Examination Rooms

Your pet will be thoroughly examined by one of our experienced vets in our state of the art examination rooms. We will then discuss your pets general health and agree a care plan to ensure their on-going well-being

Digital X-Ray

Our radiography suite compromises of state of the art Digital X-Ray. This enables us to not only diagnose illnesses and fractures quickly but also allows us to transfer x-rays swiftly if required.

Operating Theatre

In our expansively equipped theatre we aim to accommodate any patient needs. With our wide ranging equipment we can deal with the very simple to the very complex surgical procedures. We have a wide range of surgical equipment.

Kennels & Isolation Unit

We have state of the art kennels for hospitalising your sick and recovering pets. For the contagious and zoonotic diseases, we also have an isolation unit to prevent the spread of the disease to our other patients.

Laboratory Tests



Urine Analysis

Dental Facilities

With our modern dental equipment we can care for your pets dental health problems. Cleaning, polishing and surgical extractions are among the many dental services we provide.


Skin disease is commonly diagnosed in pets. It can vary from seasonal to year round itching. From carrying out skin scrapes, tape tests and hair plucks we can identify many causative agents or allergies and help to put your pet and their skin at ease.


One of our most useful diagnostic tools is our state of the art ultrasound machinery. These are used on a daily basis and can help us examine many major internal organs in your animal with a minimally invasive technique.


An electrocardiogram is used to detect any issues with the electrical activity within the heart. This is a painless test that can help us diagnose various cardiac issues.

Gas Anaesthesia

We aim to provide our patients with the safest anaesthetic regimes. We do this with the aid of pre- anaesthetic blood testing, gas anaesthesia and careful monitoring by our nurses with the most up to date monitoring equipment

Grooming Parlour

*Grooming services are only available in our Loughrea Branch; Railway Vets.

In our grooming parlour we accommodate a wide range of breeds. A full groom includes; mat removal, clipping/stripping, bath, blow dry, clip nails, clean ears, ear pluck and express anal glands. Contact the clinic to book your appointment.


In our retail area we stock a wide range of large and small animal merchandise. Anything from pet food, dog and cat accessories and toys to cattle doses, horse wormers and multivitamins. Please talk to our reception team for any special orders.

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