Dental Care

Dental disease is a very common condition in small animals. Approximately 80% dogs and 70% cats over the age of three have suffered some sort of dental or gum disease. Certain breeds are predisposed to dental disease while certain pets may not tolerate daily toothbrushing to prevent tartar build up.

Tartar and plaque can build up on your pet’s teeth very quickly and the progression of dental disease may occur if left untreated. You may notice your pet’s mouth or breath is smelly or they may not be able to eat very well or be scratching/rubbing at their face. Getting your pets teeth cleaned can give your pet a new lease of life. A general anaesthetic is required for us to carry out a full and in-depth examination and cleaning of your pets’ teeth.

We use an ultrasonic descaler to remove the tartar build up from the tooths surface and follow on by polishing the teeth with a special paste to smooth out any scratches to the tooth enamel. On occasion where a tooth is broken or damaged, tooth extraction may be necessary. Your pet will remain with us for a few hours post procedure until they recover from the anaesthetic. On discharge we will advise on preventative dental health measures to keep your pet on the right track going forward and we will book you in for your next dental health check-up.


Dental check-ups are carried out during routine check-ups, but if you are concerned feel free to contact the clinic and book a Dental Health Check for your pet.

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